Staden ligger i direkt anslutning till Cairo vid nilens västra strand. Pyramiderna byggdes för flera tusen år sedan på en gizaplatån över staden och då på den tiden så rann nilen precis nedanför. De kunde då ses enda från Memfis. 38 kilometres wide island with about 100.000 inhabitants Gizawho lives in a area of 1400 square kilometres. It is also the biggest island in the island group Dodecanese, which is located in the Aegean Sea right next to the continent of Turkey. In this little island there is room for beautiful beaches, created by nature, inviting you to take a swim, and a terrain in the central part of the island witch offers green forests and plantations. Here you’ll find cosy little villages, olive groves and citrus- and orange farms. Here you’ll find mountains and harbours.